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Can I add comments and notes to my work?

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If you need to make a note or leave yourself a reminder about something in your writing, Novlr makes it easy for you to add comments and notes.

To add a comment to your work as a note or reminder, highlight the words/sentence you want to comment on and click the speech bubble in the toolbar that appears. You’ll then be able to add text.

You’ll be able to see how many comments your chapter has at the bottom of the writing screen. The number inside the comment icon that looks like a speech bubble will change to tell you how many comments you’ve written. If you click on this icon it will highlight every section where you’ve left a comment. By clicking on the highlighted words you’ll be able to edit and delete the comments as needed.

The secondary benefit of the comments feature is that you can use it to highlight your text. The highlighting will be completely invisible until you turn on comments.  Toggle the comments on, and it will show all your highlighted text in the document. If you toggle the comments icon off again, the highlighting will disappear, keeping your interface clean and tidy for when you’re writing!

You will also find a section especially for notes at the bottom of your chapter list. The Notes section is closed by default to keep your writing interface clean and distraction-free, but if you click on it you can create notes the same way that you create chapters, and can even nest them by clicking and dragging them under the chapter above.

These notes will not be counted in your total word count ensuring that your writing statistics are always accurate.