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Can I share my project with people who don’t use Novlr?

With Novlr’s link sharing function you can share your writing with friends, family, collaborators, and beta readers at any time, whether they have a Novlr account or not.

The link-sharing feature is a small but powerful one. It’s just the beginning of our collaboration tools, and we hope to expand on this in future releases of Novlr. We wanted to develop a simple link that would allow you to share your project easily and that updated the content in real-time as your writing syncs with our servers.

To use the link sharing feature, go to your Dashboard and either click on Manage My Novels or open the Novels link in the sidebar. Once you’ve opened the novels page, you’ll see a ‘share’ button next to each of your projects.

Clicking this button will bring up a link sharing box that will allow you to toggle link sharing on and off. Copy this link and share it with anyone who needs to access your work. They will be presented with your project, in a beautiful readable format that works on any device, and they can skip through the chapters using the chapter links at the top of the page if they come back to it later.

Only people with the link will be able to view your writing, and you can turn link sharing off at any time. If you want to void an old link, you can just turn it off. Switching it back on again will create a new link. Anyone with a link will see your project as read-only and will not be able to make changes or edit your document in any way.

If you only want to share a single chapter of your project and not the full manuscript, simply open your project in the writer, click on the 3-dot chapter menu on the relevant chapter and select ‘share’. This will open the share modal for that chapter or chapter group where you can switch sharing on or off and copy the link.

Nested or sub-chapters can not be shared individually at this time. Any links created for a nested chapter will include the entire chapter group — the primary chapter and any secondary chapters nested underneath.