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Does Novlr have a proofreader or a spell checker?

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We have integrated ProWritingAid into Novlr. This gives all our users free access to this premium style and grammar checker.

To turn on the proofreader, click on the magnifying glass in the bottom right-hand corner of the writing screen. You’ll see your words underlined in various colours to offer you suggestions on spelling, grammar, style, and tone. It even includes a thesaurus to make suggestions for alternative synonyms! Hover your mouse over these lines and your suggestions will pop on screen, allowing you to select any changes you’d like to apply.

To keep your writing distraction-free simply turn off the proofreader when you’re finished and the suggestions will all disappear.

The proofreading function is currently only available on the Novlr desktop app. Based on user feedback this is where most users do most of their heavy editing. We’ve kept the mobile version of Novlr free from process-heavy integrations to make sure you can write quickly and securely while on the go.