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How do I export my Novlr project?

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To export your project, go to your Dashboard and either click on Manage My Novels from the novels list on your Dashboard or open the Novels link from the side menu.

When your Novels screen has opened, click the export button on the novel you wish to export. From there, you can choose whether to export it to .docx, .pdf or .odt. You can also select whether to include sub-chapter headings and your notes in your export.

You can also export individual chapters if you don’t want to export your project as a whole.  To do this, open the relevant project and open the chapter menu on the writing screen.  Click on the three dots next to the chapter title and click on export and choose your preferred format. This will also export all nested/subchapters underneath.

Please note that we don’t currently support exporting nested chapters individually.

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