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How do I update my payment information?

Updating your payment information is easy.  Just go to the Novlr dashboard, click on “My Account” in the sidebar, and you’ll be taken to the account screen where you can view your verified email address, subscription options, and linked card details.

You can change your subscription from monthly to annual, or vice versa at any time, and change your card details from this screen as well.  You can even choose to pause your subscription for as long as you need. This is especially useful if you know you won’t be doing any writing for a while and don’t want to lose precious writing days from your subscription.

If you ever have any issues with payment or making changes to your account, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Our friendly support team are always on hand to help you through any issues you might have.  We’ll always do our best to get your writing again as quickly as possible.