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Is there a Novlr app?

Novlr is a web app, so it doesn’t need any external downloads to work. All you need is a browser on any device and you’re ready to get writing.

However, if you want an app experience, you can save Novlr to the home screen of your phone or tablet. This will make it feel almost like the same experience as you’d get with a downloadable app so you can seamlessly use Novlr in your browser of choice. Just add it to your home screen for quick access.

Adding Novlr as an app to your home screen however, does come with some restrictions that the desktop version of Novlr doesn’t have.

We know all writers are different, but for most of you, writing on your phone and writing on your computer are different tasks. You told us that you use your phone for writing down thoughts, taking advantage of sudden bursts of creativity, and because it’s always with you when inspiration strikes. Because of this, the desktop version of Novlr has some extra features that mobile Novlr doesn’t have like versioning, comments, and proofreading.

The ability to scroll back through versions and undo changes you have made, or restore a previous version, is only available on desktop. That said, everything written on mobile will be saved to a version, but to browse and revert them you’ll need to use Novlr on desktop.

Comments are useful for editing and reviewing your work. These can be viewed and added on desktop only but may be reviewed in the future if there is demand.

The proofreader is data-intensive, so not particularly suitable for mobile. It is usually used for the heavy editing phase of the writing process, it is available only on desktop.

Our focus for the mobile version of Novlr was to ensure you have everything you need to write your words and is accessible on every device.