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I’ve accidentally deleted my words! How can I get them back?

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Writing is a delicate process, and it can be devastating to lose your words. Whether it’s through accidental deletion, regretting a purposeful deletion, or an unexpected device error, losing your words is still a terrifying prospect.

But there’s no need to worry! Novlr automatically saves versions of your chapters and uploads them to our servers. These saves are then shown as versions that you can access, view, and load from the Novlr desktop app at any time.

If you’ve accidentally deleted your work, all is not lost! With the different versions Novlr saves on a regular basis, you can retrieve it with ease. In the bottom left-hand corner of the writing screen, click on the button that has two arrows in a circle. This is your version history. Once this has loaded, you will see all versions of your work that have been saved. If you need to restore a previous version, click on restore.