The Complete
Novel Coach

Develop your story idea into a fully drafted novel with the power of character-driven outlining.

Take your novel from the seeds of an idea to a completed first draft in only six months.


Character Development

Story Structure


Peer Review

1 to 1 coaching sessions


months of content


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feedback sessions


of 1 to 1 coaching


final draft

As a pantser, NPA has been a life-changer. I am only a few modules in, but I am absolutely in love with this academy, and all the helpful advice Char has given me through detailed videos and interactive worksheets. I cannot wait to learn more from her - this is an immediate 5 stars for me.


When you fret over your story for 2 years... then fill out the plot grid confidently in 1 evening. Your course has made a HUGE impact on my confidence. It's really helped me focus on things in the right order.


Would you believe me if I told you that I'd been working on my novel since 8 months, had no idea what I was doing, then I came across your course and boom! Now I have so much clarity on what I want my WIP to look like.


The Novel Plotting Academy is a simple and easily digestible course that will help you nail down all of the essentials of creating the perfect story from start to finish! Char's step-by-step plotting method somehow always manages to save the day and get me to jot down all of the information I need to start writing my next novel!


This course is jam-packed

Plot foundations

Learn what makes a compelling plot, and how to plan out your story in advance using The Plottery’s very own plot grid formula.

Character development

With a character-first approach to plotting, learn how to write engaging, character-driven narratives that keep readers enthralled.

Personal coaching

With personal check-ins with your very own writing coach, you’ll always have the support and guidance you need to keep your writing on track.

Peer Review

Get detailed and personalised feedback from a cohort of your peers, and join weekly discussions to keep yourself accountable.

Writing resources

Receive downloadable writing resources, including character sheets, plot grids, trackers, and world-building templates for use with all your future writing projects.

Post-draft support

Discover what comes after you’ve completed your novel, and learn about the editing and publishing processes to find the right fit for your novel.


Who is The Plottery?

Char, founder of The Plottery, is a writing coach with a film background. Her unique approach to novel plotting is rooted firmly in screenwriting principles to help you write strong plots, create vivid characters, and master the art of “show, don’t tell”. She has helped many writers find writing success through her widely acclaimed 1:1 coaching program, The Power Plotter, and her hugely popular writing tips on Instagram. Let her coach you through the ups and downs of writing a novel.

How it works

The Complete Novel Coach is designed to open up the novel coaching experience to a wider group of writers, to help them find writing success through a mixture of group coaching and one-on-one check-ins with a professional writing coach.

  • Learn to plot your novel from start to finish in a 3-Act structure using The Plottery’s highly praised plot grid.
  • Join a cohort of your peers for regular coaching sessions, and have one-on-one check-ins with your very own writing coach.
  • Get personalised feedback from a writing coach and receive reader feedback on your work to help you grow and develop your craft.
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    Join – Jump on the waitlist to be notified when new slots become available. Each cohort is limited to 10 writers at a time, and new slots will be available every two months.


    Start – Purchase your slot and join our Discord servers to get started. All course materials will be available through your Learning dashboard in Novlr, and in the servers after each coaching session.


    Pace – Each coaching cohort will run for 6 months, during which you will progress from plot to finished draft through a series of writing targets.


    Coaching starts on Saturday, February 11th, at 6pm GMT, plus there will be extra drop-in sessions every Monday! We'll also be recording all sessions and uploading them to your dashboard so you can refer back to them whenever you want, with a dedicated Discord channel for ongoing discussions throughout the coaching period.

    Month 1 - Story Foundations

    Let's get clear on what your idea is, whose story you want to tell and why you need to tell it.


    Have a complete overview of your project, protagonists, and story world.

    Month 2 - Plot Structure

    We're going to create strong plot foundations so you're no longer starting a project based only on vague ideas and feelings.

    Month 3 - The Opening and Descriptive Writing

    Your first act written! You'll learn all about what makes a reader completely hooked on your story from the first page. You'll also get down the basics of compelling prose.

    Month 4 - First Half and Writing Voices

    Onwards to reach the middle of your story! We'll also break down the characteristics of strong voices and writing dialogue.

    Month 5 - The Plot Twist and Handling Writer's Block

    Now we're getting to the good stuff - learning to rain hell on your protagonist in the second half of your book. In class, we'll tackle the heavy topic of writer's block.

    Month 6 - Strong End and Next Steps

    This is where you craft the shocking yet satisfying end to your novel, and learn all about the next steps of rewrites, edits and publishing.

    This course is doing the impossible; helping me believe I will finally write the novel I've wanted to develop for years.


    Everyone who says that plotting takes away creativity is proved wrong in this course; after a while, the story basically writes itself.


    Is this right for me?

    If you’re serious about writing a novel, then The Complete Novel Coach can help you make that dream a reality. Just like an athlete has a coach to help them become the best in their field, a novel coach can set you up with strong foundations, help you build healthy writing habits, set clear writing goals, and encourage self-confidence. You’ll find the encouragement you need to move from simply thinking about your novel to getting it ready to put out into the world.

    Cohort coaching is not right for you if:

    You’re not willing to dedicate the time to invest in your writing goals.

    You have a busy schedule that will stop you from joining your peers and contributing your feedback.

    You’re not open to constructive criticism and guidance.

    You’re a dedicated pantser who is unwilling to tackle plotting.

    You’re only looking for inspiration and aren’t willing to put in the hard work and do some actual writing.

    Cohort coaching is right for you if:

    You are willing to put in the work to write your novel.

    You are ready to build a writing habit and set yourself goals and targets.

    You’re open to sharing your work with others and receiving constructive feedback.

    You’re willing to invest the time in yourself to become the best writer you can be.

    You’re open to discovering new plotting techniques and exploring a different and unique approach to novel writing.

    The Complete Novel Coach

    6 months of guided content

    36 hours of cohort sessions

    6 feedback sessions

    2 hours of 1 to 1 coaching

    1 final draft

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    Take the reins and make 2023 the year you finish your novel.