What's important to us?

The simpler the better

We are building Novlr to be as simple to use as possible. We want it to feel like there’s nothing there but your words. But don’t be fooled, there’s a lot of power in the background.

For you, the writer, we want it to be simple, easy to use and a pleasure to interact with. It’ll never be perfect, but we will constantly be improving it.

Just write

We are natural procrastinators us humans. We have all fallen into the trap of focusing on the formatting of the page, spending hours correcting our grammar or double checking spelling. That can all be done later. The main goal is to write. We’re trying to build a tool that helps you write a lot and often.

We build what you need

From the very start we’ve made sure that we are building what writers need. We do this by asking you, by discussing it with you and by reacting to how you actually use it. Keep talking to us – and together we’ll create the best writing experience possible.

Your words are your words

Quite simply, we are here to build the best tool we can to help you write better. The creative wonder you spill in to Novlr will always be yours. Do you retain total intellectual property over your words? Of course you do!

You can take your words in and out of Novlr whenever you like; you can back them up elsewhere; you can rest assured that they are safe and your ownership of them is built in to the system.

Constant improvement

We’re digital geeks and that means we’re wedded to the idea of constant iterations of a tool. It’s never finished. It can always be better. So, we will keep improving Novlr.

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