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Kim Montgomery

30 December 2019

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Introducing Novlr 3.0

A year in the planning. Months in the making. Weeks in the testing. And days in the procrastinating getting it out to you *just in case* it isn’t perfect. Novlr 3.0 is finally here, and with it, a brand new writing screen.

Design is so important for Novlr. We are building a tool that writers use for long periods of time, so it’s crucially important to us that the experience is as good as possible.

Earlier this year Novlr we spent a lot of time fleshing out what the Novlr brand needed to be to reflect a platform that was growing up a bit. We’re really pleased with the brand we feel we’ve created. At the time, we rolled it out across our website and social channels first to check it felt right. And we’re so pleased to say it does, so have now updated Novlr itself to the new brand.

Thomas showing you a quick look at what’s new

Getting the writing screen right

Our writing screen is the most important part of Novlr, so we are always looking at how we can improve it, and wanted to take enough time to do it well. Thank you all for the incredible amounts of feedback and insight you’ve provided us that has allowed us to make Novlr better. The new changes include: loads of small usability changes that you told us you wanted; bringing the tech up to date; preparing Novlr for big new features coming soon including mobile access.

Still a work in progress

Novlr is always getting better, always a work in progress. With a change this big, we had to decide when it was ready to go – and we didn’t want to delay forever. This release is like an advanced beta, and we’ll be tweaking it as we hear what you like and dislike.

Changes to Analytics

You will notice some changes to how we display your analytics. We’re simplifying it, and then introducing more statistics when we can do so well.

The graph of your writing each day has been removed due to feedback that it was confusing. When we find the one that’s right, we will launch a better graph that’s more intuitive and allows you to filter across date ranges etc.

We’ve simplifed word counts. We used to have two counts: Word Counts and Writing Stats. These were different and were confusing a lot of our users. Now wherever you see ‘your words’ we are talking about the number of words in your novel. This means that the statistics in both the Novels and Analytics sections are now in line.

Writing Stats used to calculate how much you actually write – not how much is added to your novel. For example, you write 1000 words then delete 900, Writing Stats would read 1000 whereas Word Count would read 100. Writing Stats also didn’t include pasted or imported words. These stats are used to calculate whether you are hitting writing goals still and we will be re-introducing those figures into the Productivity section of Novlr in a much clearer way.

Tell us what you think

Please message us in the app, tweet at us, email us. We want to know what you think and most importantly, how you think it can be improved. What do you want added? What ideas do you have about how we can keep getting better? We’re here to build what you need.