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Crystal Kamm

8 January 2021

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Novlr Feature Highlight: Goals and Analytics

With NaNoWriMo ancient history right now, lots of writers are missing some of their favorite features of the platform. The goals and analytics section is the part that most of us will miss the most. It can be really helpful to get a convenient snapshot of your progress, and NaNoWriMo’s easy-to-read charting shows just how much work has been done and when. If this is something you’ve been missing, you’re in luck. These awesome features are available on the Novlr writing platform all year round!

Novlr goals and analytics

The Novlr platform has been designed specifically to meet the needs of writers. As we plan new features for our program, we always take our user’s feedback into consideration. Many writers have expressed a desire to track their writing progress, so this feature has been an integral part of Novlr for some time.

The Novlr dashboard

On your Novlr dashboard, you can view your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly writing stats. It’s a great way of keeping track of your writing progress over time. If you’re interested in tracking something in more detail, there are also options for setting personal goals, like a number of words per day or multi-day streaks. Your dashboard will show you regularly whether you’ve hit your goal so you can always be aware of your progress. You’ll know when to persevere and when to start fresh. After all, writing is all about picking back up and continuing on. And there’s nothing wrong with missing a day once in a while if you need to take care of yourself. Your story is important to you…we know you’ll be back when you’re ready!

As you begin planning your writing goals for 2021, what kinds of analytics would help you track your writing progress? Novlr is designed around the needs of its writers, so we love hearing from you! Use the chat function to get in touch, or email us at [email protected].