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Kim Montgomery

18 August 2020

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Novlr Feature Highlight: Share Your Novel

The Share Your Novel feature is a small but powerful one. It’s just the beginning of novel collaboration and sharing within Novlr.

We realised that when Novlr users wanted to share their novel, they were exporting and sending it out to friends/family/co-authors to read. This was problematic because it required resending new pdfs or docs each time you made changes. We wanted to develop a simple link that would allow you to share your novel easily and that was updated whenever your work is. 

To use this feature, go to your Dashboard > Novels, and you’ll see the ‘share’ button next to each of your novels. 

The Novlr Share Your Novel button

Clicking on that will bring up this box below, giving you the shareable link, and allowing you to turn link sharing on for anyone with the link. 

Copy this link and send it around to your friends and family. They will be presented with your novel, in a beautiful readable format that works on any device, and they can skip through the chapters using the chapter links at the top of the page if they come back to it later. 

You can turn link sharing off at any time. And if you want to void an old link, you can just turn it off. Switching it back on again will create a new link.

We hope you like it! As Novlr develops we will add editor logins and granular controls for adding collaborators and commentors for beta readers and contributors of your novel.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions, we always love hearing from you. Use the chat bubble on your dashboard or email [email protected].