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Crystal Kamm

11 December 2020

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Organize Your Novel with Novlr

Planners out there, this one’s for you, (but go ahead and stick around, pantsers, because there might just be some advice you too can use here.) You can organize your novel with Novlr!

Did you know that you can use the Novlr software to organize your novel around your outline? As you draft your novel in Novlr, you can create individual chapters and subsections. This will ensure that you have every scene from your outline covered.

Drag-and-Drop to organise your plot

organise your novel with Novlr

The best part about the organization options within Novlr is that you can easily move the pieces around. In this way, you can make sure they’re appearing in the most logical order for your story. Using a simple drag-and-drop function to organize your novel, you can easily rearrange your scenes and sections. This is especially useful if you realize later that some of your scenes are appearing in the wrong order.

And for those of you who are looking around right now thinking, “Outline? What is she talking about?” Novlr has some handy features for you too! The drag-and-drop option for scene arrangement is like a built-in outlining tool. After you’ve already started drafting, you can use it to create an outline from what you’ve already got. You can also use the notes section to add any important details you’d like.

As a long-term pantser myself, I personally use the notes section to write character notes (like “Alex is obsessed with cheese,” for example). I even use notes to write descriptions of settings that the characters will be visiting later, usually after ideas come to me in dreams (“The castle’s gargoyles look like Golden Retrievers” is a fun note in one of my documents). Even though I don’t have a place for that information immediately, you never know when it might come in handy!

Do you organize your novel? How do you use the chapter, subsection, and notes features on Novlr?