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Kim Montgomery

15 March 2021

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Release 4.2.1: Collapsible chapter lists & new chapter menu

Novlr 4.2.1 writing software

I am very happy to bring you Novlr Release 4.2.1, a focus on the chapter list with a few new features like the chapter menu, and some that have been requested many times!

Watch me give you a quick rundown in this video or take a read of the rest of the post below.

Collapsible Chapters and Notes

You told us that you would like the option to collapse your notes list and chapter list. When you have a very large number of chapters, you wanted to be able to collapse the notes to keep them tidied away when not in use, and likewise with the chapters when working in notes. You now have the option to collapse either or both of these.

New chapter menu

In the chapter list, on hover, a little “x” used to show , which was the delete chapter button. This has been replaced with a new 3-dot menu (see image). In here you now have the option to delete the chapter; nest the chapter beneath the one above, or un-nest a nested chapter; and add a new chapter below the current one.

Add chapter below current

Previous versions allowed you to add chapters only at the end of the list. This wasn’t good enough and your feedback showed that it was a necessity, so we are very happy to deliver it. You can now, from the new chapter menu, add a new chapter below the selected one.

Additional bug fixes

  • Drag scrolling improved: the chapter list did not scroll when trying to drag a chapter beyond the bottom of the visible list, so we’ve made it possible now.
  • Drag and drop is completely re-written from a tech point of view to use more up-to-date technologies that are in line with the rest of the Novlr codebase (ie. making drag and drop more stable and compatible with more devices).
  • Scrolling chapters on mobile was broken (it picked chapters up on mobile rather than let you scroll through your list) – this is now fixed.
  • Drag handle has a larger hit box on mobile to make sorting on mobile easier.
  • iOS bug that dragged the whole chapter list if swiping from the left – fixed
  • Chapter split tool was broken in some browsers – fixed

To make sure you have the latest version of Novlr, refresh the app in your browser. In Account you should see your version on the settings card begins with v4.2.1…[more numbers and letters] or above.

As always, let us know what you think and if there is more you want to see.