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Kim Montgomery

10 May 2021

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Release 4.4.0: Export Individual Chapters

Hot off the heels of the last release, I am really thrilled to bring you a new heavily-requested and super-useful Novlr feature: the ability to export individual chapters.

You can already export your whole novel from the novel’s tab in the dashboard, but you asked that we make it possible to export individual chapters to share them with beta readers, editors, or to print and proofread yourself.

We have added the option to export on a chapter-by-chapter basis and are also actively working on sharing individual chapters (online for anyone with a link) which will follow this release in the next few weeks.

Exporting individual chapters

The Export option can be found underneath ‘nest’ in the 3-dot chapter menu.

When you click ‘Export’, you will get a popup to decide which format you would like to export your chapter into.

Nested chapters will export in groups – you select export from the chapter parent on these. Once you have chosen your format, your chapter/s will download immediately.

And that’s it. Easy.

As always, we’re led by you and appreciate the time you take to let us know what you need and how you like it to work.