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Kim Montgomery

25 May 2021

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Release 4.6.1: Share Individual Chapters

Last month I let you know about the new ability to export individual chapters. As part of that same work – to allow you to share and better collaborate on your work we’ve now made it possible to share individual chapters.

Share a chapter

You can already share your whole novel that anyone with a link can view. However, if you aren’t ready to share the whole thing and just need feedback on select chapters, you can now share them on an individual basis with a simple Novlr link!

How do I share an individual chapter

In the 3-dot chapter menu, on each chapter, you will now find a ‘share’ option.

Clicking this will open the share modal for that chapter or chapter group ( more on this below) and you can switch sharing on or off and copy the link. Anyone with the link will be able to view this chapter. Nobody else will be able to edit it – sharing is view-only (although we will add collaboration features in the future too).

When people visit that link, they will see your novel laid out using the Novlr design for perfect readiblity:

Sharing when you have sub-chapters

If you use sub-chapters, the share settings are set across the group. There are a number of use cases here! So for example:

1. If you click ‘share’ from the parent chapter – The parents and all children (sub-chapters/scenes) will be shareable at the same link.
2. If you click ‘share’ from any child – all its siblings and the parent will be shareable from the same link.
3. If you click ‘unshare’ from a parent chapter – The parent and all children will be no longer be available at any link.
4. If you click ‘unshare’ from any child – neither it’s siblings nor the parent will be available at any link.
5. If you nest a shared chapter into a not-shared parent chapter, it won’t be shared.
6. If you nest a shared chapter into a shared chapter, it will not be available through its old link – only at the link of its new parent.
7. If you un-nest a shared chapter, it won’t be shared.
8. If you create a sub-chapter in a shared parent chapter, the sub-chapter will be shareable with the same link.

There are now more ways than ever to share – get feedback on and distribute your finished or in-progress work with Novlr. In the future we would like to add full collaborative features (assigning an editor and tracking changes etc.).

Also fixed in this release:

  • Sub-chapters not exporting when exporting parent chapter – fixed
  • Notes exporting to .epubs – fixed