Kim Montgomery

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Kim Montgomery

31 August 2021

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Release 4.8.0: Keyboard Shortcuts

We are always looking for ways to make writing in Novlr an even smoother experience. Today you will log in to find a new ability to control Novlr from your keyboard for an even more streamlined writing experience.

When you are using a device with a physical keyboard, you can now quickly navigate around the app using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Open or close chapter side drawerctrl+spacecontrol+space
Open or close both side drawersctrl+alt+spacecontrol+alt+space
Go to Dashboardctrl+.control+>
Go back to writingctrl+,control+<
Add a new chapterctrl+alt++
whilst in a chapter
Add a new notectrl+alt++
whilst in a note
Switch Proofreader on or offctrl+alt+pcontrol+alt+π
Go to the bottom of the chapteralt+control+
Go to the top of the chapteralt+control+

Go to Novlr now and have a play

Let use know what other shortcuts would make your life easier. Get in touch on Twitter, Instagram, through our chat, or email us at [email protected].