Kim Montgomery

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Kim Montgomery

30 March 2021

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Tell Us What You Need in Novlr Analytics

We pride ourselves on involving our community of writers heavily in the process of planning what improvements we make to Novlr. In fact, your feedback is integral to all of the decisions we make on what features we invest in and how we build them, which is why we’d love to hear from you in regards to what you need from Novlr Analytics.

100% of our income is currently re-invested to keep making Novlr better – we are here to serve your requirements, and your feedback on the app is so important to us.

What can we do to make the stats better?

Novlr Analytics are a well-loved part of Novlr. We anecdotally hear about how much you love and rely on them. However, like with everything, there is always room for improvement. Be that: different stats, better calculation of the current stats, or more visuals to display them.

If you have 5 minutes to let us know a bit about how you use stats and what you’d like to see, you’d be contributing to making Novlr better for everyone. Thank you so much.