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Thomas Muirhead

17 April 2019

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Novlr Feature Highlight: Tim Clare’s Writing Course

Everyone needs a bit of help with their writing, and we feel that one great way to inspire, encourage and, crucially, get you writing, is by doing a daily writing exercise. So, with the help of one of our favourite authors, we’ve added an 8-week writing course to Novlr

An 8-week writing course

We’ve partnered with author and blogger Tim Clare to give you an 8-week podcast course called Couch to 80k. It is embedded in Novlr and is one 10-minute writing exercise a day for 8 weeks. Each episode is designed to whet your appetite for splurging the words out and includes silent time as part of the audio to allow you to write (so no homework – it’s all within the 10 minutes!). Once activated in Novlr, we create a dedicated novel for the course so that it doesn’t interfere with your other writing.

How does it work?

It’s really straightforward (as we hope everything in Novlr is). Go into your Settings and go to the Learning tab. You’ll see the course and can click “start course”. This will take you to the first episode of the course directly in your new novel. One chapter is created for each episode of the course as you go through them.

Who is Tim Clare?

Tim is someone whose podcast, blog and writing have inspired and encouraged Kim and I for years. We remember first encountering him through his poetry, but then losing ourselves in his sharp, acerbic but hugely insightful blog. It’s called Death of 1000 Cuts and used to be entirely focused on providing a critique of user-submitted first pages of novels. Tim would make it hilarious, but all the while managing to provide valuable nuggets of insight and learning. He’s really smart. We like him.