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Kim Montgomery

17 April 2019

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Writing Streaks Help You Write Every Day

I don’t think I need to extoll the virtues of setting yourself goals and targets. It’s usefulin all areas of life, but especially with your writing. Enter writing streaks. Whether you have a deadline to work to, or just want to keep up momentum, the Novlr goal-setting and streak-tracking features will help you keep on track.

You can set daily or monthly word goals and we’ll celebrate with you as you hit your targets. As you hit your daily targets you will earn streaks.

Novlr writing streaks

If you want to keep your momentum going, it’s all about getting on a streak. Use Novlr’s writing streaks feature to help you write more. It’s one of our quiet but powerful features, so we’re highlighting it here for you.

Here’s Thomas with a short video outlining how to use the feature. 

If you combine writing streaks with our other features like motivational messages and goal tracking, it can really help get those words out. It’s a great feature to help you build a writing habit, or track your monthly goals if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo.