Pamela Koehne-Drube

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Pamela Koehne-Drube

6 May 2024


6 Epic Mood and Scene-Specific Playlists for Writing Inspiration

Playlists for writing - Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

It’s no secret that music and writing often go hand in hand. We’ve added 6 more amazing playlists for writing to Spotify that we know you’re going to love.

From spooky soundscapes for writing haunted houses, a calm acoustic playlist for when you want some writer’s isolation, electro-swing tunes to get you in the mood to write a 1920’s speakeasy, all the way through to mediaeval music for writers of fantasy and historical fiction, we’ve got you covered.

Writing a Speakeasy

Nothing creates a party atmosphere quite like electro-swing! Mixing both vintage and modern swing and jazz sounds with fun electro beats, this playlist is sure to get even the most dedicated wallflower’s toes tapping. Get ready to be transported to the underground clubs of the 1920 and 30s where whisky and champagne flowed, flappers clicked their heels on the dancefloor, and gangsters smoked in private booths.

Writing Isolation

Sometimes we all need an escape, to be alone with our thoughts and the words in our heads. Whether you need some calming acoustic sounds to still a racing mind, or your characters need to get away from the stresses in their lives, this is one of the most versatile playlists for writing. Use it for inspiration, or use it to create your own little oasis of calm. The choice is yours.

Writing Heartbreak

Sometimes a breakup is more than just a parting of ways. Sometimes a person means so much to you that when the end finally comes the tragedy is all-consuming. This playlist is all about writing the sadness and depth of feeling associated with heartbreak. Let your characters cry, wallow, and let out all those feelings with these tracks on in the background.

Writing Haunted Houses

Creaking staircases, haunting laughter, slamming doors, and ominous whispers permeate this playlist of terrifying soundscapes. Instead of music, this is a playlist of sound design elements that will set your teeth on edge and create the perfect background for your horror novel or short story.

Writing Teenage Romance

Are you characters kindling a cute romance? Is the first bloom of young love in the air? Full of overwhelming love and feelings, there’s something completely pure and absolutely epic about a teenage romance. No matter your teenage love trope, whether it’s enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, or love at first sight, this is the perfect soundtrack for any modern teen romance.

Writing Mediaeval Moods

Be transported to a time of knights and ladies, chivalry, and courtly love. Whether your characters cavort with kings and queens, live the life of a monk in a faraway monastery, seek out blacksmiths to forge unique weapons, or sit listening to minstrels by the fire in their local inn, this playlist will give life to your mediaeval settings. And just for fun, I’ve slipped a little modern easter egg into the tracklist (just in case your character happens to be a time traveler)!

We’ll be adding new writing playlists periodically, so give us a follow on Spotify. Want to see any specific playlists, or have tracks you think need to be added to any of our existing ones? Let us know via our in-app support chat!