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Fija Callaghan is a storyteller and poet who has been recognised by a number of awards, including shortlisting for the HG Wells Short Story Prize in 2021. Her writing can be found in venues like Seaside Gothic, Gingerbread House, Howl: New Irish Writing, and elsewhere, and her debut collection is forthcoming from Neem Tree Press in early 2025. You can find out more about her at

Jul 15

Writing Your Way Through the Dark

As artists, we are no strangers to darkness. Everyone, from psychologists to theologists to poets and journalists and concerned parents, ...

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Jun 24

Three Ways Writing Poetry Will Make You a Better Prose Writer

Have you ever stopped to read a paragraph in a novel or short story over and over and over because of its stunningly beautiful language? ...

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Three Books on Writing All Writers Should Read 

There’s a lot of writing advice out there. You can find opinions on the writing craft in online forums, writing blogs, manuals,...

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Should Writers Pay Submission Fees? Everything You Need to Know

So — you’ve done it! You’ve created a sparkling masterpiece of a novel, short story, or poem, and you’re ready to show it to the world. Y...

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