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Lydia is a Senior Commissioning Editor at Penguin Random House and a Novlr evangelist. She commissions narrative non-fiction in memoir and investigative journalism, and also practical how-to books that help people live better. She works with award-winning journalists, world-class academics and leading experts in their field to inform and inspire readers. She has published several Sunday Times bestsellers.
A Writer’s Guide to Great Travel Writing

Travel writing is about visiting different places and observing things that are unique to the specific destination, like the landscape an...

Apr 15

How to Write Engaging Non-Fiction: Nature Writing

Nature writing is a type of non-fiction writing in which the beauty of the natural world is observed and described, often as a way of exp...

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Jan 19

An Insider’s Guide to Writing the Perfect Lyrical Essay

As the name might suggest, the lyrical essay or the lyric essay is a literary hybrid, combining features of poetry, essay, and often memo...

writing lyrical essay - Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Jan 8

How to Write Amazing Narrative Non-Fiction

Narrative non-fiction brings to life true stories like historic events and personal experiences. It uses the techniques usually associate...

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Sep 8

How to Write an Engaging Memoir

A memoir is a first-person account of a writer’s life that usually focuses on particular events or themes. ‘Memoir’ comes from the ...

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An Insider’s Guide to Getting a Non-Fiction Book Deal

You’ve thought of an amazing idea for a non-fiction book that you feel passionately you need to write. But how do you get an agent or pub...

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Jan 6

Writing Business Books: Creating Compelling Non-Fiction

Business books are instructional books that offer advice on how to be more successful at work or in business. They aim to offer the reade...

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Dec 5

Tips for Writing Effective Non-Fiction: Personal Development Books

Personal development books are instructional books that offer the reader advice on how to improve a part of their life, perspective, or s...

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