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Summer Keown lives and writes in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Her short stories have been published in Pulp Literature, Bikes Not Rockets, So It Goes, and the upcoming anthology CATS: Cycling Across Time and Space. She is also co-editing the Non-stalgia anthology of short fiction with Ryan Everett Felton. Her romance novel, Painted Over, published under the pen name Sofi Keren, was shortlisted for two 2020 Indiana Authors Awards.

Apr 29

How to Get Over Rejection: A Writer’s Guide

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6 Ways to Get Motivated to Write

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Writer’s Critique Groups and How to Form Them

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Writers critique group - Photo by PICHA Stock for Pexels

Dec 19

The Art of the Plot Twist: How to Keep Your Audience Guessing

A plot twist is a sudden, unexpected turn of events in a story that changes the plot’s direction or reveals a previously unknown fact. Th...

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