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Xavier Comas is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Barcelona and a Spanish graphic designer, photographer, and author with 30 years of experience in book cover design. He is the founder of Cover Kitchen, an award-winning book cover design studio based in Singapore and Bangkok, working for international publishers such as Penguin Random House, Planeta Tuttle, and Wiley. His cover design for the European bestseller “Viajo Sola” was selected by leading art directors in the publishing industry as one of the best cover designs in Spain in 2014. Xavier’s first book as an author, The House of the Raja, was published in 2019 by River Books.

Mar 10

7 Expert Tips for Designing Your Own Book Cover

As a self-published or indie author, designing your own book cover is an exciting and daunting task. A book cover is the first impression...

Design your own book cover - Photo by Monstera for Pexels