Crystal Kamm

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Crystal Kamm

2 December 2020


The Best Writing Advice Ever

Best writing advice ever - Novlr

Writing a novel is tricky. There, I said it.

I’ve read so many books about the writing process, not because I truly believe that process is found in a book, but because the process itself is rather daunting. There’s an assumption that writers like Stephen King, for instance, will have the answers we need in book form ready to make us all bestsellers.

I’d always hoped an expert or an author I admire would just say, “Hi, here, this is my writing process right here,” and slip me a sheet of paper with the best writing advice ever that explains all their tips and tricks and deep, dark secrets about writing an incredible piece of fiction (or non-fiction).

What I didn’t realize was that most of them already had!

The single most overstated bit of writing advice that I’ve heard a gajillion times is this:

Just write

Every writer ever

For some reason, I was too afraid to listen to them. But then I decided to listen and simply began putting words on paper. And guess what! It was still very difficult. But it turned out they were right. The more words you put on the page, the more of your story world you build, and the closer you are to a finished story.

The more you write, the better you get at it too. There is no denying, practice makes the master.

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