Join the 24-Hour Novel Challenge!

Over the weekend of the 15th-17th of June, buckle up and join a group of fellow writers as we attempt to write a novel in 24 hours!

Wait… a whole novel?

Yep, a whole novel! Or at least a first draft.

The average length of a first draft is about 50,000 words, and when you break it down into smaller chunks, it’s not as scary as it first seems. To write 50,000 words in 24 hours, you’ll need to write about 2083 per hour, or approximately 35 words per minute. It’s not a small amount, but it’s certainly manageable.

In 24 hours?


Okay, but why should I try?

What if I don’t succeed?

I’m convinced!
Sign me up.

Take part in this year’s challenge by joining the 24-hour novel Discord server and get to know your fellow writers. You can also follow along on using the hashtag #24hournovel or following event socials on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.