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Novlr Academy is here to help creative writers become the best they can be.

The Novlr Academy will become a hub for writers, with courses ranging from Tim Clare's Couch to 80k Creative Writing Bootcamp. The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal, with more to come!

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Integrate your learning directly with the Novlr writing tool.

Get your non-fiction book proposal analysed by a commissioning editor with one of the big five publishing houses.

Learn from writers at every stage of their writing and publishing journeys through articles in the Reading Room.

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Integrated Course

Tim Clare’s Couch to 80k Creative Writing Bootcamp

8 weeks

Write while you learn

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If you've ever wanted to write a novel, but think it's too hard, you’ve got writer’s block, or need guidance on how to come up with an idea, then Tim Clare's Couch to 80k Creative Writing Bootcamp is for you. Our partnership with Tim will help you get started on your writing journey and achieve your goal of writing a book.

The Couch to 80k Creative Writing Boot Camp is embedded into Novlr and gives you one 10-minute writing exercise a day for 8 weeks. Each episode is designed to whet your appetite for getting words on the page and includes silent time as part of the audio to keep you focused without the distraction of pausing the recording.

Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal

8 modules


All Abilities


To get a non-fiction book published, authors usually present their ideas to a publisher in a book proposal. Book proposals should give publishers a clear sense of what a book is about, what it will address, and why the author is the best person to write the book.

In this course, you’ll learn how to write a book proposal that you will be proud to share with agents and publishers. This course will help you bring your book idea to life with detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to complete a proposal and get you one step closer to becoming a published author.