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Boost your writing skills with Novlr Academy. Learn while you write with a mix of fully integrated courses and non-integrated guided learning to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals.

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Through Novlr Academy, you have access to a variety of courses for writers at every stage of their writing journeys. Whether you’re just starting out, are ready to publish, need advice on book marketing and editing, or just want to write for fun, we have something for every budding author.

With Novlr’s full course integration, you can learn while you write. No matter where you are or on what device, your courses will be directly at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to learn! We also offer non-integrated guided courses to help you develop your skills and improve your craft.

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Couch to 80k Creative Writing Bootcamp

by Tim Clare

61 lessons

53 audios

In this 8-week audio course, brought to you by writer and poet, Tim Clare, you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and daily writing exercises that take just 10 minutes a day. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, this course will get you writing. And best of all, it’s completely free!

Write to Play: Rediscover the Joy of Writing

by Carl Burkitt

62 lessons

6 videos

“If we are going to write our whole lives, we’d better remember to have some fun.” This captures the essence of Carl’s approach to writing. It must be fun. This course is about allowing ourselves to write as an act of joy, without giving it too much weight. If we can get comfortable with that, all our writing improves.

Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal

by Lydia Yadi

24 lessons

24 audios

To get a non-fiction book published, you don't need to have written the whole book. Non-fiction is a unique genre in that way. Instead, what publishers and agents are looking for is a killer book proposal. Book proposals give publishers a clear sense of what a book is about, what it will address, and why you are the best person to write that book.

Get the most out of Novlr

by Novlr

10 lessons

10 videos

While Novlr is easy to use out of the box, there are lots of things that Novlr can do to get you achieving your writing goals. From formatting and editing to word tracking to goal setting, this course is all about helping you take advantage of everything Novlr has to offer.

An Introduction to the Novel Fast Drafting Method

by Writing Mastery Academy

6 lessons

6 videos

Ready to put an end to endless revisions and writing projects left unfinished? Dive into the Fast Drafting Method with Jessica Brody, acclaimed author of Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and founder or Writing Mastery Academy. In this short course, Jessica introduces her proven technique for completing novels quickly, effortlessly, and effectively, drawing from her own experience of finishing first drafts in as little as 3-12 weeks.

A Beginner’s Guide to Book Publicity

by Book Publicity School

5 lessons

5 videos

Book publicity is all about promoting your book to a targeted audience to generate interest, visibility, and, ultimately, sales. In today's highly competitive publishing landscape, where thousands of new titles are released each week, effective publicity is an essential part of the publishing journey. In this five-lesson course, Leah Paulos, founder of Book Publicity School, answers the most common author questions regarding book publicity.

“I was stuck in a writing rut...Writing Mastery Academy saved me! The Fast Drafting course provided both the inspiration and the practical tips that allowed me to fast draft my seventh young adult manuscript with confidence in record time.”

Jennifer Mathieu

Jennifer Mathieu

Author of MOXIE (now a Netflix original movie)

“I love Tim Clare's Creative Writing Bootcamp. Whenever I'm short on inspiration, or need something to jumpstart my creative brain, I always do a couple of lessons and it helps generate so many amazing ideas! It's the writing buddy I've always wanted.

Pamela K

Pamela K

Writing Tips

Don't have time for a full course? Check out the Reading Room for writing tips and insights from writers at all stages of their writing journeys. From character development to plot structure, the Reading Room has everything you need to take your writing to the next level.

Publishing Tips

Ready to share your writing with the world? The Reading Room also offers publishing tips and advice to help you navigate the complex world of publishing. From finding an agent to marketing your book, we've got you covered.