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Novlr is a goals-focused, distraction-free writing space. With personal goal-setting, writing analytics, real-time word syncing across devices, and success nudges to cheer you along the way.

"I love Novlr. It is quite simply the most beautiful interface out there for writing tools, and I've tried them all. Scrivener, Atticus, Reedsy, Living Writer, you name it. I didn't write the meat of this novel until I got settled and comfortable on a platform. I did more in two months with novlr than I did in the prior two years with all other tools combined."

Stephen A

"I fell in love with Novlr’s simple UI, and the ability to easily rename chapters/shift scenes around. Novlr helps me focus on the writing, not the “fluff,” and I greatly appreciate that."


Achieve your writing goals

With Novlr, set weekly and monthly goals, earn writing streaks, and receive progress emails to stay motivated.


Writing Streak

Write today and start your streak!

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Daily Writing Goal

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Write 2500 words in any project every day to complete your daily goal.

That’s 50% of your daily goal! 🥳

"I'm always in a different place with a different device, and it is essential that I can just pick up where I left off. I wrote on my desktop, left home to get my kid and continued with my iPad."


"Love how @novlrtweets gives you encouraging little pop-ups as you write! I did well NaNo-ing this morning! Over 2k. So far..."


Write anywhere, without distraction

Novlr keeps you focused with full-screen focus mode, while real-time syncing lets you write seamlessly on any device, anywhere.

"I love Novlr because it just works from the get-go. I didn't need a huge, in-depth tutorial - I learned how to make a project, found the button to add a new chapter, and there it was: a place to write."

S. K. Eleton

"I appreciate the rare combination of form and function you folks have achieved. There are apps with more bells and whistles, but I found bells and whistles visually loud and distracting. Novlr is the opposite. It's the most immersive platform I've used."

Stephen A

Discover your writing habits

Our advanced analytics simplify tracking your writing habits. Monitor word counts over time and find your most productive moments.

"I've typed it before... but I just love @novlrtweets. They're the best writing program, IMO. I hit 2K today. Thank you for making it incredibly easy to NOT procrastinate!"

Noah Nichols

"I love @novlrtweets! They have a crisp ux, the price is great, and their new-feature roadmap is public so you can always see what they’re building next."


Advanced grammar and style checking

We’ve integrated ProWritingAid into our Novlr Pro subscription to give you advanced grammar and style checking, a thesaurus, and proofreader directly in your writing workspace.

Catch typos and spelling errors.

Improve readability.

Get an expeditious thesaurus.


Made by writers, for writers, Novlr is the writing platform that will have you achieving your writing goals.



Free for everyone

Get everything you need to write your next book

5 projects with 7-day version history.
Add notes, share your work, and focus on your writing, without distraction.
Set goals, track your writing streaks, and get success nudges.
Write wherever you are on any device with seamless online word syncing.

Get access to the Academy, Community, Writer Discounts, The Reading Room and more.



Save 20%

Billed yearly

Everything in Starter, and...

Unlimited projects with 30-day version history.
View detailed writing analytics and learn about your writing habits.

Build and publish a no-code Author Website to showcase your work.

Quickly and neatly add comments to your projects.



Save 22%

Billed yearly

Everything in Plus, and...

Unlimited projects and version history.

Launch an Author Website on a custom domain.

Improve your writing with a ProWritingAid powered proofreader, thesaurus, and grammar and style checker.

Create additional backups in Google Drive or Dropbox (optional).
Publish your work to ebook.

Lifetime Pro


Everything in Pro, forever.
Pay once. No subscription.

Become a co-owner of Novlr.

Exclusive Discord channels.

We’re constantly improving!

Check out what we’ve launched over the past few months.

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