Hi there, fellow writer!

Is there anything in the world more difficult, but rewarding than writing? It’s an emotional and intellectual journey that reaches into your soul and bares it to the world.

Every writer’s journey looks different. Unlike other hobbies or vocations, there is no clear, singular path that we all tread. It’s one reason we’re so often alone, embracing the solitude of our craft. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We designed Novlr to be a creative writing workspace that supports you through every step of your writing journey, no matter what that looks like. We’re all about giving you the tools you need on whatever path you choose, whether it’s getting words on the page, staying motivated, finding readers, or publishing.

How did Novlr start?

Finding the right place to write has always been tough. In 2013, when Thomas tried to write a novel, he just couldn’t find the right tool for the job. He enlisted Kim’s help, and instead of whining about what didn’t work, they did something about it and built exactly what they needed!

And that’s what Novlr has been ever since. We’re all about what writers need, and we’re developing and growing with your help. We’re an iterative platform in constant discussion with our writer-owners about what tools you need as the writing community and the book trade changes.

What is writer-ownership?

The community has always been a big part of our development process, which is why we become partially writer-owned in 2023. Most other tech platforms are extractive. They take from their users, but provide only the service that they offer. What makes us at Novlr so unique is that we want to go further.

Our writers are integral to our success, so it seems only right that we share that success with you. Our writer-owners are front and centre, with a say in how Novlr develops (author websites were built because it was something they said they needed!), and sharing our profits back to our writers when the time comes. In the meantime, every cent that Novlr earns goes right back into making us the best writing workspace possible.

What is Novlr trying to do?

We have grown so much since that early writing tool that Kim and Thomas built. But even so, we’re still all about providing you with what you need. Our aim is to be the home for creative writing. We want our name to be synonymous with writers. If you want to write, think Novlr!

As the home for writers, we want to be the place to plan your projects, write, publish, market and monetise your work, and even build your audience. It’s ambitious, we know, but as we continue to grow, we come closer and closer to those goals.

Why choose Novlr?

We want to empower writers and give you the support you need. Whether you write only for yourself, share your work on fanfiction sites, or have a view to traditional or self-publishing, we want to be beside you every step of the way.

Got any ideas and feedback you want to share with us? We’re always open to hearing from you! Get in touch with us via our customer support chat, email us at [email protected], or chat with our community in Discord.