Get the most out of Novlr

By Novlr

While Novlr is easy to use out of the box, there are lots of things that Novlr can do to get you achieving your writing goals. From formatting and editing to word tracking to goal setting, this course is all about helping you take advantage of everything Novlr has to offer.

Learn how to write in Novlr.

Find out how to plot and plan your next project in Novlr.

See how you can set your own goals.

Find out how to edit and share your work.

Learn how to manage your projects.

Find out about our Plus and Pro analytics feature that helps you track your writing habits and statistics.

Discover where to find your version history and restore your work if you make a mistake.

Learn how to take advantage of additional Novlr Pro features like publishing to ebook and additional backups.

How it works

  • This course is an introduction to Novlr and shows where all our major features are and how to use them.
  • The course is broken down into ten short lessons with everything you need to complete this course. All content is available in the course player, which will come with you as you move through different parts of the app.

Meet your teacher

Kim Montgomery co-founded Novlr with Thomas Muirhead and played a pivotal role in its inception and early growth, overseeing development and operations. As a writer herself, she knows Novlr better than anyone, and having helped evolve the platform into what it is today, she knows how you can get the most out of it.

This course is jam packed