Couch to 80k Creative Writing Bootcamp

By Tim Clare

In this 8-week audio course, brought to you by writer and poet, Tim Clare, you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and daily writing exercises that take just 10 minutes a day. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, this course will get you writing. And best of all, it’s completely free!

Techniques to use when you need to generate ideas

Writing exercises to help you overcome writer’s block

Overcome imposter syndrome and accept yourself as the amazing writer you are

Gain the skills to mould your writing into new and interesting shapes

Learn techniques to show, not tell

Sort through your ideas to bring them into a full fleshed novel plan

Maximise your writing time by building a consistent writing habit

How it works

  • This free audio series delivers a complete 8-week fiction writing course over 48 lessons, with each lesson requiring just 10 minutes of your time to complete a writing exercise. It’s fully integrated, and times you while you work, so there's no need for additional homework!
  • Everything you need to complete this course will be in your Novlr account as soon as you sign up. The course is fully integrated, so you’ll do the entire course in Novlr. All audio is available in the course player, which makes it easy to navigate between lessons, and the course page gives you all the info and space you need to focus on your learning.
  • In just 10 minutes a day, six days a week, for eight weeks, you’ll go from the seeds of an idea to a full suite of ideas that you can draw from for your next writing project!

Meet your teacher

Tim Clare is a poet, podcaster, and author of The Honours, The Ice House, We Can’t All Be Astronauts, and Coward: Why We Get Anxious and What We Can Do About it. He has a sharp, acerbic, and hugely insightful blog and podcast called Death of 1000 Cuts for anyone who wants to know how to write a novel, write great fiction, and get published. He’s really smart. We like him.

This course is jam packed