The Creator Economy,
Rewritten for Storytellers.


The world of creative writing is changing. Let's evolve together.

We’re becoming the home for your creative writing from the first word to the millionth reader. We want you, our writers, to be at the heart of it.

Community ownership.

It’s essential that Novlr is owned by its writers. We’re becoming a cooperative to make that happen.

We're still working out the details and will update you regularly.

For updates on co-ownership, register your interest and we’ll send them straight to your inbox.


Would you like to own Novlr?

Novlr will be majority owned by its writers. We'll be rolling co-ownership out in waves, so get on the list now to reserve your spot or just to stay informed.

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We’re building what you need.

We’ve built the best creative writing tool out there. Now we’ll help with the rest of your writing journey.

Edit and format your writing

Our writing tool was built by writers, for writers. It gives you a beautiful place to write and keeps your words safe.

Grammar checking, focus mode, cloud syncing, versioning, analytics, and goal tracking keep you focused on what’s important; your words.

Think Scrivener, but designed by Marie Kondo.

Coming Soon

Build your readership

The creator economy has changed the way we think about earning money as creatives. Building a readership is a crucial part of being a creative writer.

We’re testing a tool to let you build your audience, communicate with them directly, subscribe them to your updates, and give you an author website from which to sell your work.

Think Substack or Patreon, but for book lovers.

Coming Soon

Publish your work

We want to support and empower creative writers on every step of their journey. We’ll be offering support from cover artists, book coaches, editors, proofreaders, and everything in between ensuring you get what you need, when you need it.

Think Fiverr, but with quality control.

Coming Soon

Learn the craft of creative writing

With the success of our Tim Clare and Non-Fiction Book Proposal courses, we’re ready to offer more opportunities for creative writers to hone their craft.

Think Udemy, but specifically for creative writers.

Coming Soon

Building a community

We want to bring creative writers together to explore the craft of writing, support each other and share their work.

With weekly writing challenges, writing groups, focus sessions and much more, it’ll be a place to stimulate ideas, explore form and style, and build friendships around your craft.

Think writing group, but with mystery and intrigue and novelty and invention.



Join the conversation.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll host open user meetings. Come join the conversation around Novlr’s plans for the future.

Every fortnight, at 10pm GMT / 5pm ET we’ll answer your questions around a particular topic. We want to hear your thoughts and answer any of your questions, so pop in to say hi.