The Plan

At Novlr, we’re dedicated to transparency and keeping you informed about our progress. Here, you can track and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together, see what’s next on our roadmap, and suggest things you’d like to see us build or work towards in the future.

Our Vision

One platform for creative writers to handle your entire writing journey, from the first word to growing your readership. Novlr is a writing workspace built for writers, by writers, and now owned by writers, all in service of more writers achieving their writing and publishing goals.

Novlr Writing

Novlr Writing is our current tool, but we will continue its development to make it the best platform we can. Future development will include collaboration, plotting and worldbuilding, integrated templates, and improving the features you already know and love.

Novlr Studio

Novlr Studio will be our solution to preparing your work for publication. It will include all the services you might need to edit, polish, format, and prepare you manuscript for traditional or self-publishing.

Novlr Audience

Novlr Audience is all about giving writers the tools they need to get their words into the hands of readers and earn money from their writing.

Platform and Community

We know there are tools that our writers need in order to reach their goals. These new features and functionalities will make it easier than ever for our writers to achieve their writing and publishing goals, let them earn from their writing, and reach their audience. It’s also crucial to us that over time Novlr becomes more and more owned by our writers. There is power in the collective, and that’s how we will ensure we are focused on writers needs.

Stage 1: Laying the foundation

Novlr began with a simple concept: create a better platform for creative writers, foster a community of dedicated individuals invested in strengthening the craft of writing, and make it available to everyone.

Create a better way to write


Build the first iteration of Novlr Writing

Reach 1,500 subscribers

Coming Soon


/ 1,500

Take down barriers


Make it free to write in Novlr, giving more writers the tools they need to achieve their goals

Stage 2: Growing up

With strong foundations, it’s time for us to take those initial achievements and build on them, and with the help of our co-owners, we can have a sizeable impact on the ecosystem that writers inhabit. By releasing new platform features and reaching word count and writing milestones we can measure our collective success.

Reach 1 billion words written in Novlr

Coming Soon


/ 1B

Reach 20,000 active writers a month

In Progress

Reach 5,000 subscribers

Coming Soon


/ 5,000

Reach 1000 co-owners

Coming Soon


/ 1,000

Help writers grow their talents

In Progress

Improve Novlr Academy and offer more courses to help writers improve, no matter their goals

Develop publishing tools

Coming Soon

Launch Novlr Studio to help writers prepare for publication

Stage 3: Building out

To compete with the big tech platforms out there, and to make waves in the creative writing industry, we need scale and a platform capable of reaching readers as well as writers. The creative writing industry is gatekept by traditional publishers and a handful of commercial self-publishing entities. To change the way writers can earn from their work and influence how publishing models work, we’re going to need to unite a truly massive writing community.

Reach 10 billion words written in Novlr

Coming Soon


/ 10B

Reach 100,000 active writers a month

Coming Soon

Reach 20,000 active Novlr subscribers

Coming Soon


/ 20,000

Be majority writer-owned

Coming Soon

Establish our co-ownership entity (either a coop or a trust)

Add writer representatives to Novlr'’s board

Reach readers

Coming Soon

Launch Novlr Audience to help writers reach readers and monetise their work

Our plans for the future

With a strong community of writer-owners and the collective power that comes with that, the sky is the limit!

As we continue to grow and improve Novlr, we are dedicated to building more features that writers need, and keep you on track for your writing goals. Becoming writer-owned lets our writers share in our success, and with that collective voice, we might even be able to bring about real change and make the creative writing industry a fairer and more equitable place for all writers.

Feedback and suggestions

Novlr’s future will be built with you, and we’re always happy to hear your suggestions, feedback, or discuss decision and priorities with you. Got a question, or something you’d like to share with us? Get in touch in Discord, or via our !