Kim Montgomery

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Kim Montgomery

5 October 2019


A Novel Idea: NaNoWriMo Writing Prompts

Code red, people. CODE RED!

Less than a month to go until NaNoWriMo, so we’d better get prepping -Jazzy stationery bought? Check. Novlr at the ready? Check. Crippling panic about a lack of ideas and the dreaded writers’ block…

Although you’re not officially allowed to start writing before the 1st of November, you can still start tapping into the old ideas bank (your brain) and plan ahead for the month.

But what should I write?

Good question. The simple answer would be: whatever you want to write. However, we know that it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, as brilliant as you are at writing, ideas just don’t seem to form or stick.

Don’t be despondent though! There are plenty of places to search for ideas – starting right here. I have taken the time so you don’t have to. I’ve compiled some writing prompts to get you thinking for NaNoWriMo! Take a prompt and start freewriting. We don’t expect you to write a novel based on these but once you start freewriting you’ll find your own imagination gets going and it may trigger an idea.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #1
While researching a new role in a biographical period drama, a world-famous actor is accidentally transported back in time, only to realise that they were the subject of the film. Giving a whole new meaning to ‘method acting’.

Writing Prompt #2
In a world where everybody sings and dances, one man has begrudged music for thirty years – born with no talents in tune or rhythm. Then, one day, the music stops.

Writing Prompt #3
After surviving a near-death experience, one woman is so grateful to be alive she thinks it must be a miracle from God. Unfortunately, the grim reaper was just late to his 4:43PM appointment and is now attempting to kill her by any means possible.

Writing Prompt #4
An intergalactic detective is stumped when a series of highly ridiculous murders with the same M.O. occur on a number of different planets. There’s an interstellar serial killer on the loose.

Writing Prompt #5
While nipping to the local bakery on her lunch break, an unassuming woman is handed a brown paper package that holds not just her steak bake, but a silver memory stick containing secrets that the government never wanted anyone to see.

Writing Prompt #6
One man, who considers himself to be an average Joe, finds out that his identity has been stolen when he’s brought into police custody for very serious crimes that he didn’t commit. Or did he?

Writing Prompt #7
After working from the ground up at a competitive law firm, a woman is passed over for a big promotion in favour of a less qualified outsider. Angry with her treatment, she decides to sabotage this new employee only to find out that a) all is not as it seems and b) this newbie might not be so bad.

Writing Prompt #8
An up-and-coming reality star goes back to her trailer for the afternoon before an evening shoot, to find that she has received some fan mail. There’s a letter from an emphatic fan professing his love, nothing unusual. However, the package sent with it is slightly out of the ordinary. A disembodied human heart.

Writing Prompt #9
When a famous celebrity appears on the most popular reality show in the country, their family is incredibly excited. When they win, it’s even more amazing. However, the celebrity’s siblings are not so sure that the thing that returned is the same person as their sibling who left…

If none of those has whetted your appetite – try the Novlr Writing Course which is included in every subscription. It’s available in the free trial as well. Tim Clare will talk you through exercises totalling 10 minutes a day that are guaranteed to give you ideas (and teach you a thing two).