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Kim Montgomery

29 May 2023


10 Creative Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination

Writing prompts - Photo by Vlada Karpovich for Pexels

Every writer knows the feeling of the dreaded blinking cursor on a blank page, the weight of expectation, and the creeping dread of writer’s block that seems insurmountable. But fear not, fellow wordsmiths! Inspiration is within reach, and we’re here to provide you with a toolbox of creative writing prompts to jumpstart your next project, beat that pesky writer’s block, and cultivate a sustainable writing habit.

Building a sustainable writing habit is all about words on the page. It’s easy to lose your drive and motivation when you can’t think of things to write about, which is why we’ve put together these ten writing prompts to help get you writing, even when the well of ideas has run dry.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #1

While researching a new role in a biographical period drama, a world-famous actor is accidentally transported back in time, only to realise that they were the subject of the film all along. This gives a whole new meaning to ‘method acting’.

Writing Prompt #2

In a world where everybody sings and dances their way through life, one man was born with no talent in tune or rhythm. Then, one day, the music stops.

Writing Prompt #3

After surviving a near-death experience, one woman is so grateful to be alive she thinks it must be a miracle. Unfortunately, the grim reaper was just late to his 4:43 PM appointment and is now attempting to kill her through any means possible.

Writing Prompt #4

An intergalactic detective is stumped when a series of thematically ridiculous murders with the same M.O. occur on several different planets. There’s an interstellar serial killer on the loose.

Writing Prompt #5

While nipping to the local bakery on her lunch break, an unassuming woman is handed a brown paper package that holds not just her sandwich, but a silver memory stick containing secrets that the government never wanted anyone to see.

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Writing Prompt #6

One man, who considers himself to be an average Joe, finds out that his identity was stolen when he’s brought into police custody for very serious crimes that he didn’t commit. Or did he?

Writing Prompt #7

After working her way to the very top of a competitive law firm, a woman is passed over for a big promotion in favour of a less qualified outsider. Angry with her treatment, she decides to sabotage this new employee only to find out that a) all is not as it seems and b) this newbie might not be so bad.

Writing Prompt #8

An up-and-coming reality TV star goes back to her trailer for the afternoon to prepare for an evening shoot. Checking her fan mail, she reads a letter from an emphatic fan professing his love, nothing unusual. However, the package that came with it is less ordinary. It contains a human heart.

Writing Prompt #9

When a famous celebrity appears on the most popular reality show in the country, their family is incredibly excited. When they win, it’s even more amazing. However, the celebrity’s siblings are not so sure that the person who returned is the same one who left…

Writing Prompt #10

You find an old diary hidden in the attic of your house, and as you read it, you realise that it belonged to your great-grandmother. It contains family history and reveals secrets that could shake the very foundation of your family.

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