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Pamela Koehne-Drube

28 April 2023


Epic Scene-Specific Writing Playlists for Chases, Love, Murder…

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Music has inspired people for generations. It helps guide our emotions, can change our moods, and even act as catharsis in times of emotional turmoil. It’s unsurprising that many writers also use music to help them get into the right frame of mind. Whether you use writing playlists to get in the mood before sitting down to put pen to paper, or you need background music to boost your concentration, we’ve put together some writing playlists we think you’ll love.

Writing Future Cities

Neon lights, dark streets, pulsing beats, and ethereal sounds – these are the things we imagine when we picture cities of the future. Digital lifestyles, sleek design, and an almost cyberpunk feel fit the aesthetic. Bustling metropolises filled with metal and chrome, with skyscrapers looking out over urban sprawl as hover cars zip between the spires ferrying inhabitants to destinations unknown.

Writing Fantasy Worlds

Dark forests and rolling green hills filled with nymphs and dryads. Snowy-capped peaks where great beasts dwell and dragons fly overhead gambolling among the clouds. Where elves and pixies live alongside proud ancient races, and humans live hand in hand with the Fae, this playlist combines sweeping orchestral scores and Celtic sounds to inspire fantasy writers of all kinds.

Writing Love Scenes

When hearts are pounding, and your characters just have to be together or die, or when a slow burn finally culminates in something new and beautiful, this playlist is for you. If your characters are finally giving in to their feelings and professing their love, then this collection of intimate songs are perfect to get any writer in the mood to write a love scene. It’s the ideal set-up to really explore relationship dynamics and put your characters in the moment.

Writing the Vastness of Space

It’s impossible to conceive just how incredibly vast space is. The universe, with its boundless distance, full of stars and planets in sizes humanity can’t even begin to comprehend, is still a mystery that we long to solve. Whether your earthbound characters gaze up into the sky to contemplate their place in the vastness of space, or you’re writing a group of spacefaring travellers making their way into the unknown, this playlist is sure to spark the imagination.

Writing Serial Killers

Stalking victims through the darkness. Collecting trophies to display on dusty shelves in hidden rooms. No matter the type of killer you’re writing, this collection of tracks is sure to give you goosebumps and put you in the headspace of your most chilling characters. Step inside the churning blackness of a deranged mind by sticking on this playlist and let the words flow.

Writing Chase Scenes

Running from the law in a high-speed road chase, or fleeing pursuers down darkened alleys to evade capture, this playlist is full of tracks sure to get the blood pumping. If you need to sit down and write something that requires pace, then this collection of tracks is the ideal thing to stick on in the background or to spark your imagination. Rev your engines or start running!

Writing the Halls of Academia

The vaulted halls and ancient buildings of the academic world are hallowed places for all characters who prize knowledge above all else. Whether your characters are studying or using academic spaces to uncover long-lost secrets, this collection of both traditional and modern classical pieces have a dark academia vibe that will have your characters reaching for their books and pens, ready to solve all of life’s mysteries.

General Playlists

Not writing anything specific and just need some background music to help boost your concentration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also curated a collection of classical pieces that are sure to help you focus, and some acoustic tracks to help inspire you.

We’ll be adding new writing playlists periodically, so give us a follow on Spotify. Want to see any specific playlists, or have tracks you think need to be added to any of our existing ones? Let us know in the comments, or get in touch with me at [email protected].