Crystal Kamm

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Crystal Kamm

13 January 2021


Finding Inspiration in Real Life

Novlr - finding inspiration in real life

Writer’s block is a normal part of the writing process and it happens to all writers at some point. Some writers worry about feeling blocked and seek out methods of beating it. When it happens we need to seek other sources of imagination. Finding inspiration in real life is a good way to spark creativity.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Your story is your own and I like to think it’s kind of like giving birth. It will happen when it’s ready to happen, in its own time rather than yours. Be gentle and kind with the story and yourself as you create. But of course, that shouldn’t stop you from doing things to set the stage for the creation and make things happen at a pace that works for you.

Tips for finding inspiration

When you’re having trouble creating, my number one tip will always be to step away from the writing, step away from the desk or laptop, and stop trying to make the words flow. However, that does not mean that you should step away from the story. If you are struggling with writing but you want to keep making progress, here are some tips for seeking inspiration in real life:

  1. Step away from the desk, but keep listening to your writing playlist. I love having a writing playlist that I listen to every time I write. It helps me to get right into the mood. I start thinking of it as the soundtrack to the novel.
  2. Go somewhere that provides you inspiration in real life, like a place that reminds you of a setting in your story. This one may not be feasible in this world of quarantines, but if your story is set near where you live, taking a walk or drive into an area where the scene takes place could help inspire you.
  3. Look at a piece of art that calls the story to mind. I created a collection of art on Instagram (Pinterest works too) that acts as a kind of idea board for my story. You never know when something you saved might spark a new idea.
  4. If you have ever thought about an actor playing your character in the movie version of your novel, watch the show or movie where that actor seems most like your character. For example, I have a character that has Damon Salvatore energy, so when I am feeling blocked, I might put on a favorite episode of Vampire Diaries to help spark some dialogue ideas.

Can you think of any other ways to find inspiration in real life? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below.