Jasmine Pierik

Jasmine’s life work is to create containers for people to know themselves and each other better. As a facilitator, curator, and writer, she feels most alive when holding space for folks to connect. As a poet, newsletter-writer, & someday memoirist (🤞🏼), she writes to process, understand, & find resonance. She loves helping folks get unstuck & does this work with writers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Why we love Jasmine Pierik

Jasmine has an incredible capacity to listen, to absorb and then to playback what she's heard in a way that makes your own thoughts so much more coherent. Jasmine has coached me and I found it made me so much more productive, as well as opening up new ideas and directions for me.

Thomas Muirhead


3-Month Writing Companionship

Are you craving sustained support, accountability, and coaching around your writing? With this offering, I’ll meet with you virtually, once per month for 90-minutes and also check-in periodically via text/email (based on your preference). Sessions could range from narrative development, to moving through writer’s block, light editing or notes, fine-tuning the writer’s process, or simply providing a mirror.

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One-Time Riffing Session (90 minutes)

Tired of writing alone? In this 90-minute session, my goal is to provide an empathetic ear and an honest sounding board. I’ll start by getting context around your work, your goals, and what a successful session would feel like for you. Then I’ll ask the questions or provide the framework and tools, to help you to get unstuck or go deeper with your project.

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