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Nim is a full time writer who works as a blogger across a range of industries, from marketing, UX design, and editorial layout for independent authors. He has published short stories in several Spanish-language anthologies. In his spare time, he teaches creative writing courses and helps other authors to overcome writer's block.

May 10

How to Create Interesting Characters Using the STEAL Method

When we talk about creating characters, we usually use three dimensions: physical, cultural, and socio-economic. On their own, these dime...

Street scene with people - writing characters using the STEAL method - Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Dec 18

Beyond the End: How to Write the Perfect Story Resolution

A story resolution is never easy to write. Sometimes, as writers, we’re so engrossed in bringing the story to life that we cannot t...

Hands flipping through a book to the story resolution in front of a lake - Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

Sep 11

The Ghost Behind: Writing Psychological Trauma

Trauma in storytelling is a powerful force that can shape a character’s life and experiences. Depending on the type of story you’re telli...

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Jun 23

Between Pen and Sword: The Secret to Writing Great Fight Scenes

Hand-to-hand combat in any story must be a powerful narrative clash between passion and action, where the writer transforms words into sw...

Writing great fight scenes 0 Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

May 19

The Worldbuilding Workout: Tips for Sculpting Your Universe

You’ve probably read a story set in a world so wonderful that you think: “I wish I lived there”; or even better, it ins...

Worldbuilding techniques - Photo by Rex Joshua Alarcon America for Pexels