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Pamela Koehne-Drube

13 December 2021


5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Christmas Book

Why You Should Write a Christmas Book - Photo by Andreea Radu on Unsplash

People write for a number of reasons, all of which are personal. Whether you’re a writer writing for your own pleasure, or someone looking to make money as a working author, there are a number of reasons why you should write a Christmas book, short story, or other holiday-themed work.

1. Personal catharsis

Not everyone writes to be published. In fact, we sent out a questionnaire to our email subscribers in August 2021 asking our users why they write. The results were surprising.

What this tells us is that not every writer aims to publish, which is when festive writing for the sake of catharsis can be an important part of a writer’s journey. Writing is an exhausting process. Creative output takes a huge toll and requires a massive mental load, so writing something fun and festive can be just the break you need.

You take time off from work, so why not take time off from the ‘serious’ art of writing to work on something a little lighter and fluffier?

That said, not everyone has positive holiday memories, and that in itself can lead to some interesting, out-of-the-box writing inspiration. Family dynamics are unique over the holidays, and even if they’re not always positive, this perspective can create a unique slant to your writing that you can use at other times of the year.

2. To get into the holiday spirit

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the forced holiday cheer that surrounds us from November onward. And because many of us work right up until the holidays, it’s especially difficult to really feel festive. Taking some time out to write something holiday-themed can help put you in the right headspace for the season, and make the holidays just that little bit more magical.

Is there any better way to really feel in a festive mood than to play in the sandbox of your own fantasy Christmas?

3. To fill a seasonal demand for festive books

It’s impossible not to notice the hundreds of festive books that line the shelves over the holidays. The bright colours, foiled snowflake flourishes, and fancy script titles are hard to miss. There’s a huge public demand for holiday-themed novels and stories, so if you’re a writer who wants to make a living at it, Christmas is the perfect time to release some content.

I used to work as a bookseller, and Christmas is far and away the most important time for book sales. Books sell steadily throughout the year, but Christmas book sales are off the charts! Print sales are definitely up, but so are eBook sales – especially those that get readers in a holiday mood. Retailers know that people want something that feels festive around the holidays, and that’s something that writers can capitalise on too. There is no shame in writing to fill a demand.

4. Increase your audience

As much as filling a demand for purely financial reasons is a good step for a writer who wants to get paid, there’s a secondary benefit to writing a Christmas-themed book. It looks great on social media!

Just like retailers put their holiday books front and centre over the festive season, doing the same on your social media can help increase your audience. A well-designed Christmas book will draw readers’ attention, and if they like what they see, you’ll have new followers who will stay with you for the rest of the year.

5. For collaboration opportunities

The holidays are the perfect time to team up with other writers. Whether it’s for your own benefit, or to create something commercial, there’s something about the spirit of giving that permeates the festive season that makes the perfect atmosphere for collaboration.

Family Christmas cards are all well and good, but putting together a collection of Christmas stories to share with the family is something really special. Writing with your friends can be a really fun festive activity that you can share in. If you want to release a print book, but don’t have the time or the inclination to write a full novel, you can work with other writers to release an anthology of Christmas stories. Let it Snow, a short story anthology by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle has been a Christmas bestseller for several years and combines three separate stories under a single theme, which is a unique way to approach the short-story anthology.

No matter why you write, there are plenty of reasons why you should write a Christmas book. Even if it’s something you’ve never considered, it’s a fun way to spend the holiday season.

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