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Arthur Franz IV

Arthur Franz IV is a short story writer, board game reviewer, and co-host of the weekly Tiffin Inn Writing Workshop (with Imposter Syndrome & Unlimited Refills) podcast. He started publishing short fiction in the mid-90’s and has recently worked up the courage to begin his first novel-length piece.

May 8

4 Fundamental Tools for Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the manifestation of fear that prevents you from creating art. Though invisible and intangible, it is a fierce and wort...

how to beat writer's block - Photo by Uday Mittal on Unsplash

Apr 21

AI and You: Emerging Technology and What It Means for Writers

Imagine the world in 1439. You are a scribe, and your job is to meticulously copy manuscripts into empty books. It is a sweet gig…until t...

Ai for writers - Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash