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Arthur Franz IV is a short story writer, board game reviewer, and co-host of the weekly Tiffin Inn Writing Workshop (with Imposter Syndrome & Unlimited Refills) podcast. He started publishing short fiction in the mid-90’s and has recently worked up the courage to begin his first novel-length piece.

Nov 10

Writing Your Way Into Conflict

Conflict is the fuel that keeps the engine of your story running. When we say “conflict,” we are not talking about plot, or rising and fa...

Writing your way into conflict - a winning chess move - Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

Oct 20

Why Giving Characters Control of Your Story is Good For Your Narrative

As writers, we like to think we’re in complete control of our characters. It can be tempting to think that, because your name is in the b...

Giving characters control of your story - Photo by cottonbro studio

Sep 25

5 Editing Tips to Revise and Strengthen Your Dialogue

I recently revised a story from almost a quarter century ago. As I dug through this monument to writers’ past, I was pleased with t...

Revising and strengthening your dialogue - Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán for Pexels

Jul 14

How to Face Rejection and Know Your Limits

When I was pursuing an MFA in Fiction Writing, every time I got a rejection letter from a publication, I would tape it to my bedroom wall...

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May 8

4 Fundamental Tools for Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the manifestation of fear that prevents you from creating art. Though invisible and intangible, it is a fierce and wort...

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Apr 21

AI and You: Emerging Technology and What It Means for Writers

Imagine the world in 1439. You are a scribe, and your job is to meticulously copy manuscripts into empty books. It is a sweet gig…until t...

Ai for writers - Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash