Crystal Kamm

Written by

Crystal Kamm

10 April 2021


Writing As a Spiritual Journey

If you’re a writer who has started to think about your writing project as a chore that you have to get done, please give me a moment of your time. It’s time to reframe and start thinking of it as a spiritual journey.

Writing is not and never has been a burden for me. I don’t relate to writers who have to make time to get their writing done or who say that they need motivation. I hear this a lot and it makes me wonder what is behind the expression.

Admittedly, every once in a while, I have felt that the act of writing was tedious, specifically when I’m doing it for a job and it’s one that I don’t particularly like or care about. But if this feeling were to ever creep into my creative process, I wouldn’t be willing to accept that.

When I write, I often think about the craft as a spiritual journey. For me, writing is about engaging my emotions, digging deep within myself for the very things that make me who I am, and creating something that speaks to who I am at my core. If I don’t feel that passionate about what I’m writing, I usually don’t want to keep writing it.

What work of yours makes you feel most alive to complete?

What kind of writing makes you feel like you’re not working at all but tapping into some deep energy within your soul?

That is the work you should be doing.